Presspart’s Plasma Process showcased at RDD 2013

  • 1 May 2013

    Following on from last year’s RDD conference which was held in Phoenix, Arizona, RDD returned to Europe for 2013 and was held in Berlin from the 21-24 May.

    Presspart manufacturing, the world’s leading provider of deep drawn metal and injection moulded plastic metered-dose inhaler components to the pharmaceutical industry, hosted one of the interactive workshops during the conference to demonstrate their revolutionary plasma process for MDI canisters.

    Richard Turner, Presspart’s Business Development Director, presented the workshop which was entitled Plasma Processing- Meeting the HFA challenge, to RDD delegates in three sessions which ran for one hour.

    The presentation introduced delegates to Presspart’s plasma process for metered-dose inhaler canisters and then discussed the advantages of this process over other MDI canister coatings. The workshop also allowed attendees to see a live demonstration of how you can easily identify what coating the canister had been given, using a Presspart Plasma Testing kit.

    Presspart’s plasma process improves the surface energy performance of an metered-dose inhaler canister (MDI), thus helping to prevent the active content of a drug formulation sticking to the canister wall.

    This ensures that the patient receives the prescribed dose and solves an inherent problem present within many of today’s metered-dose inhalers. There is also the added benefit of enhanced drug stability performance in formulations.

    Richard Turner commented “The attendance for all three workshops was excellent. Presspart’s plasma technology is still relatively new to the market, so these workshops really gave us an excellent platform to show our customers, and the industry as a whole, what the plasma process is and most importantly how it can benefit the metered-dose inhaler market”.