WHT Holdings Ltd acquire shareholding in Portal Medical

  • 20 Jun 2016

    I am delighted to announce that WHT Holdings Ltd have acquired a shareholding in Portal Medical Ltd. Portal Medical is at an exciting stage in its development and expansion plans and having worked very closely with WHT’s Cambridge division (Wallwork Cambridge) for many years, there has never been a more appropriate time to bring on board a corporate partner.

    Portal Medical, active in providing turn-key plasma coating solutions to medical device and drug delivery device manufacturers, have worked intimately with Wallwork Cambridge since 2005, utilising their expertise in coating machine build.

    “They have successfully taken our machine concepts and designs and produced high quality plasma reactors meeting not just our requirements, but those of the relevant regulatory bodies and of course our end customers. In addition, our customers the end users have been fully supported with ongoing technical and service agreements.” (Dr Paul Stevenson)

    With an expanding customer base and increased involvement with global pharma and device manufacturers at concept stage, the requirement for first class coating equipment is key to providing workable solutions with the intrinsic reliability and high standards required for production volumes. The acquisition of shares by WHT Holdings Ltd cements our continued collaborations and ensures the requirements for high quality and standards will continue to be met.

    “Portal is now aggressively enriching its Intellectual Property portfolio and I am pleased that WHT Holdings Ltd will be part of this exciting program ahead.” (Dr Paul Stevenson)